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Knowledge-Based Safe Developers Considering the safety and firefighting equipment needed in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries, the aerospace industry, the road construction industry, the steel industry, and the shipbuilding industry, it has been a recognized authority in the international arena

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Safety Equipment

Safety is defined as protecting a person and his or her ability to protect and prevent harm. The first human effort to improve safety 2000 years ago is found in Pliny and Elder’s Natural History Book. For example, the book states that workers must wear protective masks to prevent inhalation of poisonous substances and that the first safety equipment of mine safety lamps can be named.
The purpose of enforcing safety regulations and guidelines is to create a healthy environment so that workers can continue to work without fear of the dangers of the industry.
Thus the fear of the unknown future that is caused by accidents in the workplace will cling to our industrial society. Without safety, not only is industrial development not a step forward, but the industry is in chaos and disintegration and will sooner or later lead to a gradual decline.

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