Terms and Conditions of Optimal Use of the Knowledge-Based Safe Internet Store

First of all, we need to appreciate the good choice of your loved ones and extend our gratitude.

Knowledge-Based Secure Developers Collection is not just a company,

Distinguished associates can benefit from free and online consulting by a set of technical specialists and many free features.

Fifteen years of honest service to your knowledge-based secure collection and sincere companionship and invaluable trust are our pride and honor.

Terms and Conditions :

Your use of the Knowledge-Based Safe Web Store and ordering the product from this site constitutes your complete agreement with the following terms and conditions:

۱ Purchase of goods from the “Knowledge-Based Knowledge Based” online store is based on the laws and regulations of E-commerce and in full compliance with all the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

۲. The information and specifications of the goods offered at the Knowledge-Based Safe Online Store are available from:

A) The information provided by the merchant agencies

B) Information translated from reputable external sites

Therefore, Knowledge-Based Secure Gostar Online Store will not be responsible for any ambiguous information or content or possible writing errors.

But with the aim of providing better services, alerting customers and honoring dear customers, Commits itself to constantly updating information and content.

۳. The Knowledge-Based Safe Online Store does not take any responsibility for the operation of the site

Due to factors beyond the control of this store (eg Does not accept Internet malfunctions, telecommunication issues, hardware, etc.

۴. Knowledge-Based Safe Internet Store does not in any way give users unique information about parties or parties

It will not, and is also committed to protecting the privacy of users as much as possible using the latest technologies.

۵. The services and contents of the site are provided solely for your personal and non-commercial use.

Any misuse of this information will be subject to legal prosecution, and no real, legal, or site person can in any way

Use the information and content on the site to sell, reproduce, or generate traffic to your site.

If you wish to use the Site’s services and content for commercial purposes,

Let us know in advance. Please contact us for this.

Users should fill out the order form with the correct information when ordering their desired item.

Obviously, in case of incomplete or incorrect information, the user order will not be followed up and delivered.

Intellectual property of the contents of “Safe Knowledge Developers” online store Copyright by “Safe Gostar Danesh Online Store.” Axis ”.

Sales & Delivery Order:

If the Knowledge-Based Secure Store expands for reasons beyond its control,

Not be able to deliver the goods in due time and the parties fail to agree on a new one,

The buyer has the right to terminate the order at no cost.

Custom goods in Tehran via courier engine and agency within 6 hours after order placement and in cities via freight,

Post, Tipax, Terminal and Aircraft will take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours depending on the order.

The value of the ordered goods or goods will be calculated according to the site price list and will include all taxes and sales duties.

The value added tax cost is calculated in case of non-binding on the zero rial site.

The only amount that will be added to the value of the goods in certain cases will be the cost of shipping and insuring the goods.

The warranty period and the name of the after-sales service company are stated in the description of each item,

Failure to include any of the above in this section will not guarantee the goods.

Return Terms:

Any defects or technical defects in the goods must be notified to the store within 48 hours of receiving the goods by telephone.09359300032

Otherwise the store will not respond to product bugs after 48 hours.

If the goods shipped with your order do not comply, you must notify us by phone 09359300032 at 24 hour after receiving the goods.

Allow the support unit to modify.

In the event of multiple customers ordering at the same time and completing the inventory of a product, delivery is a priority when the customer order is registered.

And other loved ones will be paid back in less than 5 hours.

If you are satisfied with the knowledge-based services and secure products, please let us know.